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San Lucas Tolimán 2014

Our mission group included participants from California, Chicago, Massachusetts, and Brazil.

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San Lucas Toliman

The traditional fishing boats.
This is such a spiritual place - I loved walking down to the lake and just spending time in quiet reflection.
There was a peacefulness in the quiet of the shore.
San Lucas from an approaching view.
There is a holiness of this town. A town with such a history of violence, of pain, suffering, also of joy, love, peace, and compassion.
The town is nestled in the growth of greenery.
It is the people that bring life to this place, the people are full of joy, happiness, vibrancy, and love.
This mission is unlike anywhere else on earth. One must experience it to understand. There isn't any words that could explain such a place.
A hidden beauty

Tour of San Lucas from the back of a Pick-Up Truck

Cliff Jumping In Guatemala - Lake Atitlan

Go Tim - My crazy Brother.
Nice landing
Go Jessica
Nicole - wild woman
Flying through the air.
Fearless Jessica
30 foot jump
a header....
Superman Sean
Free as a bird

The jumping cliffs
Nicole feel in love with cliff jumping (50 + jumps) a new record.
The gang
Go Girl....

San Lucas Mission

The church is ~ 400 years old and beautiful.
This is such a holy and special place - you can just feel it.
The Altar facing the pews.
Nicole, Mackenzie, Liz and Sean relaxing on the steps of the church.
My brother Tim taking it all in.
Tim with the kids at mass.


We were so lucky to have Tim and Sean who can play instruments, their music in the evenings was truly wonderful.
Click on the PLAY button to hear them sing and play....

I cannot believe how talented Mackenzie is at the piano. She would often hop on the piano and her music is mesmerising....

Crazy Girl ! Is that Piano Dancing?

Sean and Jean Paul --- Get down!!!!


One of the best things about the mission is meeting such great people. Even though we might only see them for 2-4 weeks, it seems as if the friendships that develop are much deeper than that. Here are some of our friends:

Maria and the kids...

The girls, we kinda adopted them.....
Felix, he made Liz a balloon animal for her birthday....He is really a nice man.
Our crew.....(Nicole on the left)
The crew again....
Bishop of Solala (He really isn't our friend) but he would be, he just doesn't know it yet.
Soon to be Deacon Ricardo (Holding the Book of the Gospels)
Three Deacons (Deacon Pat, and on August 9th: Deacons Giovanni and Ricardo) and then they will priests in about 6 months - God willing.
Sean with our new friends from Michigan.

Brother Tim
Brother Kevin - You look different, Did you get a hair cut, or different color contacts?
Father Greg
Wicho - my new friend this year. What a special and nice man. He worked at our hotel and we had such nice visits.
Katherine - a long term volunteer.
She is with her class from the school.

Don and Dona Roli.
The kids from Michigan - they were such a special group of people - Big hearts, nice, GOOD PEOPLE......
The Michigan Group. They invited us over to one of their nightly reflections. I enjoyed them very much.
Deacon Benjamin. He will be ordained to the priesthood this month. He is holding a gift from Judith Brown. She painted this Icon and we delivered it to him as an ordination gift.

This is Stephanie that we met last year. She returned with her two brothers to show them San Lucas. She is from Maryland and is a very special person. She had been a long term volunteer at the mission in the past.
Julio - a driver for the mission. He immigrated to the US, didn't like it, and returned to Guatemala.
The two students that our friends from Redding CA, the Gee's, sponsor.
Margarito - He is the man who runs a lot of the operation at the mission. he is a nice, warm, and caring man....

What I enjoy the most about San Lucas is that people are more important than anything else. Work never gets in the way of relationships..... The people will always stop what they are doing to talk to you, help you, visit with you. People are truly more important that everything else....